What is a Biological Pest Control Agent?

In simple terms a biological control agent is just a posh way of saying pest control officer. Both offer the same services and are skilled in similar infestation control solutions – but why do some insist on being referred to by the former term? It might have something to do with the way in which biological control agents operate.

Where regular controllers will utilise any tools in their arsenal to take care of pest invasions, their biological counterparts typically focus on waging chemical warfare against any critters that are deemed to be a nuisance. By using the latest chemical formulas that are sprayed in the form of mists in the majority of cases, they can completely eradicate even the most stubborn insect invasions.

Are they helpful when removing mammals, birds and reptiles from a property?

The simple answer to this would be yes – but only if they also offer these types of animal removal services. It’s not uncommon for some specialists to only focus on exterminating pests in the form of insects and other tiny creepy crawlies. This is why they refer to themselves as biological pest controllers. They use biological chemicals to deter insects from entering locations, as well as other formulas to kill them if and when they come into contact.

In some cases a home owner might prefer to hire a regular pest controller, simply because they may have access to other measures that don’t involve potentially poisonous and toxic fumes. If the fumes aren’t an issue (for example if the residents are able to relocate while the clearing process takes place), then the home owner might be better off hiring a biological exterminator to ensure that the entire property is fumigated efficiently.

It really does come down to the type of infestation being dealt with, as well as the budget. Although both experts offer the same services, biological practitioners are best suited to treating insect invasions, while pest controllers can offer alternative solutions to eradicate bugs, as well as get rid of birds, mammals and reptiles in a more humane way.

Good Day Spa

What to Look For in a Good Day Spa

Unlike regular salons, day spas offer a great way for their clients to relax and enjoy a range of therapies and treatments on a much more enjoyable level. How do they do this you ask? By making their facilities open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of course. Imagine being able to enjoy a relaxing dip in a heated pool, followed by a quick exfoliation – and then finishing up by being treated to a rejuvenating massage. What better way to get ready for bed?

And come morning, you could enjoy everything all over again!

If you’re considering buying a package from one of these great facilities, then you might be wondering how to find a good spa that will be able to offer you the best experience. Knowing what to look for in a good day spa isn’t always simple, but with this quick guide we’ll introduce you to the traits to prioritise – and this should go a long way in helping you to find exactly what it is that you are after.

How much do you have to spend?

This is a rhetorical question of course, unless you fancy emailing us your budget that is! But in all seriousness, how much are you planning on spending at your local day spa? Different premises will often feature a range of prices – and then there’s the fact that some therapists might be better skilled (and more highly qualified) than others. These are all things that can add to the cost.

In reality, a good day spa will offer packages that can help you to save a few dollars than when paying for treatments separately, so this might be a route that you want to consider taking if you’re on a tighter budget.

What types of services are you after?

Although most spas will offer similar features, some might specialise in particular activities, or avoid specific treatments. You will likely find a range of massage, sauna and pool features available within the majority of spas; but even this isn’t a given. Rather than diving in at the deep end, why not find out more about your potential salon online?

By searching for their website, you might be able to learn about their features, as well as the range of services that their therapists specialise in. Some services don’t need therapists (saunas and swimming pools for example) and the more that they have, the better your experience could be.

Where is the spa located?

Unless you don’t mind travelling hundreds of miles to get to where you need to be – you might want to keep your spa as close to you and your home as possible. If you are planning a weekend away then sure, travel to wherever you want to be. If you want to stay close to home, then you’ll likely find several salons in your area at the very least. It all comes down to where you are willing to go to enjoy a luxurious stay at a spa!

Three Car Care Tips to Keep Yours Looking Great

Next to our homes, our cars are often the most substantial investments that we ever make. It’s not just the initial cost that can set drivers back quite a bit – there’s also the need for fuel and maintenance to throw into the mix. Over time, it’s not uncommon for our vehicles to suffer with dings and chips in the paintwork; or to need modifications internally to ensure that they look as good as new for as long as possible.

If you’re keen to keep your car in tip top condition, then here are three car care tips that can all but guarantee to prolong the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle.

Don’t forget to wax after washing the paintwork

Most people spend a couple of hours a month washing their cars – but did you know that you could spend even less time needing to keep dirt, dust and debris away from the surface by applying a layer of wax? There are plenty of branded waxes out there and they all offer a great way to protect a bonnet and once applied, you’ll also be adding a layer of waterproofing to your car, too.

Park out of sunlight and away from elements

There’s no faster way to dull a paintjob than by leaving your car exposed to the elements. The sun’s UV rays can take their toll on any colour scheme – and when throwing in the effects of snow, rain and ice, it won’t take long before your paintwork starts to show the signs of deterioration. The best way to prevent this is by making sure to provide cover for your vehicle. Parking in a garage, away from the wind and sun can be a great option, but if this isn’t possible there’s no more effective way than by purchasing a plastic car cover.

Don’t be afraid to vacuum internally

Plenty of car owners try their best to avoid vacuuming their chairs and upholstery in fear of ripping the material present – but even leather interiors can stand to benefit from a vacuum from time to time. If you have kids, you’ll undoubtedly want to rid your car of crumbs and debris as often as possible, so just be sure to hold the nozzle of the vacuum away from flat surfaces.

Three Unbelievable Uses for Paper Bags

Plastic bags are quickly becoming less and less popular; even grocery stores are following suit and investing in paper bags. This is helping to reduce the effects of pollution, but it’s not just carrying products that these types of bags are good for – they offer plenty more unique features and functions, too.

Create a stylish lampshade

Most lampshades are made from paper, canvas, or other similar materials – so why not take your paper bag and turn it into somewhat of a focal point? The natural colour will help to ensure that the light from the bulb isn’t unbearable, and you might even find the soft, gentle brown (or white) complementing the look and feel of your room.

Remove Chewing Gum from Clothes

Okay, now he’s a traditional technique if ever we saw one. There’s an old wives’ tale that says that if you lay a piece of clothing on an ironing board, add a paper bag on top of it and then iron the piece of apparel; you could melt the chewing gum and it will lift away with the bag itself. We’re not sure how effective this is, but there’s no harm in trying – especially if the gum is already firmly attached.

Add an Extra Layer of Insulation

More and more home owners are turning to these types of brown bags to help them to insulate their windows, doors and walls during the colder months of the year – and for good reason. The paper that goes into the construction of these bags is thin enough to be applied to walls, but it’s thick enough to ensure that cold breezes can’t escape from the gaps along window edges, too.

And there you have it – three unbelievable uses of brown bags that can all but guarantee to get your creative juices flowing. What else do you think that they could be used for? We could spend an entire day coming up with ideas!

Three Tips for Getting a Mortgage

You’ve just hired a financial advisor and they’ve helped you to put together your paperwork and documentation to help with your mortgage application, but you still have one huge hurdle to overcome; your decision on which mortgage to choose. Getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact with banks and lenders now being even more open to first time applicants, sole traders and those aged between 18 and 50; there’s never been a better time to apply!

So, what can you to do ensure that your application goes off without a hitch? Well, although there’s no definitive way to guarantee that you get to enjoy approval a short while after submitting your application – there are a multitude of things that can help you to maximise your chances.

The first is to hire a mortgage broker, especially one that specialises in comparing interest rates and dealing with banks on behalf of their client. These experts are a great way to fast track an application and as you’ll have the choice between independent and sponsored brokering agencies – you will be able to choose between one that can offer you unbiased results, and one that might have exclusive access to deals and discounts.

What Else Can You Do?

It’s not just brokers that can be beneficial – there are also free to use tools that you can take advantage of. Mortgage calculators for example, are a great online tool that can help you to work out your borrowing potential, as well as see how different rates proposed by varying banks may affect your repayment plans.

There are plenty of calculators online and although they are similar in nature, there are specific types that could be considered more advanced than others. As long as you find one that allows you to add the interest rate that you’ve been presented with, you can rest assured that the calculator will be able to work out what you will be expected to repay each month, based on the data that you have provided.

Do All Salons Offer the Latest Beauty Treatments?

Amazing Beauty ResortsBeauty therapies are as varied as they are versatile from those that can be completed within less than thirty minutes, all the way to the more advanced options that involve extensive surgeries and cosmetic procedures. Wherever you are in Australia, you will most likely have seen a great range of beauty salons and hair treatment centres – but if you’re after the latest beauty treatments, then it might not be as simple as picking a random clinic and hoping that they can cater to your needs.

Why do many salons offer different services?

In this day and age there’s really no way that you could expect to be able to categorise all salons into one particular niche. There are those that specialise in traditional therapies, whilst others might prefer to focus on the most up to date trends, including laser treatments and so on. The key to finding the best salon is to get to grips with what those in your area have to offer.

You could plan a quick visit to a few on the same day, just to make a few enquiries relating to their prices and therapies, or you could save yourself time by giving them a call and asking one of their receptionists. You could save yourself even more time by going online and finding out about what they have to offer via their websites.

You might even find information relating to their services, their fees and their opening times on their site – and this can help to ensure that you choose the very best salon for your needs.

In any event, if you’d like to experience the latest technologies and treatments available, then there’s no better way to do so than by finding a clinic, booking a session and then seeing just how effective the treatment is. It could be as extensive as a face lift, or as minimalistic as hair removal via a laser. With new treatments popping up every month, you’ll be spoilt for choice!